Britmums on crutches!

Yesterday I went to britmums. When both the conferences were announced last year I knew I couldn’t afford either. However a month ago I won a ticket to Britmums. I knew I couldn’t get childcare for the Friday but figured I’d go for the Saturday (yesterday) however at the last minute there was a cancellation for the operation I needed and that was for  Friday so all week I wondered how the pain would be and if I could manage britmums or not.

The operation itself went well yesterday until I passed out in recovery and again in the car. So even last night I was doubting if it was a clever idea to go. This morning I figured it wasn’t that far and I’d go for a few hours and that’s what I did. I was travelling up with Rachel from Confessions of a SAHM as she lives less than a mile from me so knew I had some company, and someone with me should I pass out 😉

In the end I think I was there two hours. The toe started to throb and I was getting to feel a bit faint even with eating cakes regularly and figured I should quit while I was ahead and not risk passing out at someone’s feet!! It also worked out well boob wise as bubba fed right before I left and the second I got home, he refuses offers of bottles and offers of breast milk in a sippy cup!

I’m glad i made it up there even If it was only for a couple of hours! I got to meet the lovely Adele whos blog I adore! And also Erin who’ve I’ve been chatting to for years on twitter. It was also great to catch up with other familiar faces such as Sian and Kerry.

In hindsight now looking at the state of a very bloodied bandage and swollen throbbing toe I probably should have listened to my consultants orders of ‘foot above hip level for 48 hours’ but I’m a rebel and don’t listen to advice like that. Today I have paid for it in pain and dressing changes. I probably shouldn’t have gone. But I did. And I had a great few hours. Picked up some wicked DVDs and had a great time with Rachel. Maybe next year I’ll make the whole thing!

Foot on the train! Hey I didn't have my shoes on so its allowed right?!
Foot in the cab! Well there was no way I was walking!
Putting the foot up in the TK Maxx lounge!
Swag filled the taxi!
Having a giggle in the Orlando booth!

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