Breastfeeding Friendly High Street Clothes!

Breastfeeding does require a bit of thought sometimes when thinking about what to wear. In the early days of breastfeeding as it was the height of summer I simply wore Cami vests that I could just pull down and whip em out! As it got to Autumn and Winter a bit more thought was required! That and for occasions when cami vests weren’t so suitable. Equally as a single mum I don’t have the money to throw around on specific nursing tops. Many of which retail at around £20+, FOR A TOP?! I’m a primarni and high street girl! I could buy 5 tops for that money!

So I’ve learnt you can still find breastfeeding friendly clothes on the high street, you just have to look! Buttons and Poppers are your best friend! Be aware though with buttons to make sure they aren’t just for decoration! Some of them are so have a fiddle and make sure they open!

Click the images to go through to the websites. 

Matalan Long Sleeved Buttoned Top
Matalan Short Sleeved Button Tshirt
Matalan Short Sleeved Longer Tshirt

H&M Buttoned Stripe Tshirt!
As well as these two tops at Tesco. All of which are much cheaper than nursing specific clothing! They still look nice, are still practical for feeding. But they won’t break the bank! Equally my other top tip would be to stock up on nursing tops in the sales! I brought myself some nice Mama Feels Good long sleeve tops in their January Sale. Equally ebay has a great supply of brand name nursing clothes at reasonable prices! You don’t need to break the bank to be breastfeeding practical!


3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Friendly High Street Clothes!

  1. Great new links, always handy for people breastfeeding to see the choices and what works for other women. I am no longer breastfeeding but this time last year was really struggling to find things that were fashionable and not too mumsy but that worked as my little champ was still feeding several times during the day. I loved vest tops for layering, one to lift up, one to pull down, and found a lot of long tshirts worked for this. Also, a nice wrapover dress from Peacocks had enough give in the neck that when combines with a breastfeeding vest I could feed with just that or with a scarf/pashmina for a little extra cover if I wanted.

  2. I still remember our first trip out with Talitha. I hadn’t at all thought about what I’d wear and ended up in SUCH a panic as my boobs were inaccessible!!! Good tips.

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