Review: MAM Manual Breast Pump

Manual breast pumps are hard work generally. Theres no denying that fact. I’d much rather be a lazy arse and use an electric and just sit back and browse my phone and not have to think about what I am doing! So when I got sent the MAM Manual Breast Pump I wondered how much I would use it! Answer? Alot!

What MAM say:

The perfect blend of function and design: The Manual Breast Pump from MAM has been developed with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to meet individual needs. There are three reasons why expressing milk with the Manual Breast Pump is very pleasant and simple:

  • The suction controller:
    This allows the suction strength to be adjusted easily to your individual preference. When it’s turned all the way to the right, the vacuum is held for up to three seconds. In this position, lots of milk can be expressed quickly and easily.
  • The adjustable funnel with soft breast pads:
    The funnel is angled slightly and can be turned all the way round. This allows you to set the position that you find most comfortable. Soft breast pads in the funnel provide a secure fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin.
  • The ease of use:
    The Manual Breast Pump consists of just four parts. It’s therefore very quick and easy to assemble and clean.incl. 1x Anti-Colic 130ml & 2 Sealing Discs

I was really suprised at how easy this pump is to use and how comfortable it is. You can adjust the suction pressure which is always nice rather than having your nipple yanked off by a strong suction you can start gently and increase to whatever strength is suitable for you. It is simple to assemble and I was able to get it out the box and work out how to use it within just a couple of minutes. There are only a few bits to it and it is nowhere near noisy! It is comfortable on the hand action as well as for cupping your breast.

I was really surprised at how much I managed to express off with this pump. When I’ve tried manual ones in the past I’ve always got about half what I would get with an electric pump however I’ve found with the MAM I’m able to get the same amount. Its much easier to create a rhythm to your pumping and get a continuous amount expressed. I also found I could use it longer than I’ve managed with other manual pumps as it was nice and comfortable to hold. Its not big and chunky either.

Its the perfect size to fit in your handbag discretely. Infact I took it up to Britmums on Saturday so that a fellow blogger could borrow it as she was stuck! And I know if I needed to go away from home for any length of time and needed to take one I wouldn’t think twice about packing the MAM first! If your a Mum who’s going back to work and you need to have one you can pop off and use then this would be ideal. Its a bargain price for a great little pump that I would recommend time and time again.

The MAM retails at £30.00 in their online shop but is available from other retailers.


One thought on “Review: MAM Manual Breast Pump

  1. Thanks again as the fellow blogger who needed to borrow it! I was so surprised by how well this worked. I hate manual pumps but this pump was brilliantly effective.

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