The cover debate!

Breastfeeding covers. A simple piece of material. Sometimes a blanket, a muslin, scarf, cardigan. Sometimes a dedicated cover/apron/shawl. Mainly used when out in public by mums who want to stop their baby from being distracted, or simply want a little bit of privacy.

Yet recently I’ve noticed there are some breastfeeding mothers that feel the need to make mums that use covers feel bad for not ‘proudly showing it off’.

Now heres what bugs me! Mothers cant win! Weather we formula feed, breastfeed, feed in public, feed in feeding rooms, cover or don’t cover! Surely we should be supporting ALL feeding! Weather or not a mother uses a cover should be irrelevant! It should be about what makes that mother comfortable and if she extends her feeding relationship by using a cover and feeling more confident why the hell is that a bad thing? I’ve got friends who hated feeding in public so much they would take bottles of expressed milk out with them until they discovered feeding covers and then they found the confidence to sit in public and feed but with a bit of discretion.

I’ve only occasionally used a feeding cover although its getting more frequent now baby gets bigger as he is less distracted if he is covered and personally I’d rather not have my nipple hanging out whilst he goes to and from the breast and gets annoyed if I put it away! Equally though I’ve sat on Brighton beach with my boob hanging out feeding him.

It shouldn’t be about it being right or wrong to use a cover. Or that mothers are letting down others by covering up. Yes there are opinions that mothers should hide in toilets to feed, those people can sod off because a mother has every right to feed wherever she likes. But if she does want a bit of privacy what is wrong with that? If it empowers a woman and gives her the confidence to do it why is it wrong to some people? Surely if the mother is more confident and more comfortable the baby is going to feed better too?

Women should be standing side by side supporting each other in their breastfeeding choices. Not attacking one another! Its the most natural thing in the world and anything that keeps a mother feeding for longer should be praised!


3 thoughts on “The cover debate!

  1. How true your words are. There is enough guilt around whether we are all doing the right thing for our children without being judged by others. It is a shame that there are some that criticise another parent’s choice.

    There are enough barriers to breastfeeding without making a mother feel like a bad one for deciding to cover up. I have done all manner of covering, not covering, expressed bottle etc but each time there have been reasons as to why I have gone down a certain route. Has anyone not approved? Probably. Do I care? Not really.

    We should support each other in any decision we make – they are made out of love and in the best interests of our children.

  2. Women shouldn’t be made to feel like they should cover up. That’s the issue. But if a woman feels more comfortable covering up then why’s that anybody else’s business? At the end of the day, she’s feeding her baby and feeling good about it. Good post. Well said.

  3. I completely agree with this. I fed Dylan for over 8 months but never once without a cover – I just wasn’t comfortable like that. I needed the privacy and eventually got the confidence to feed him everywhere and anywhere but with a muslin over us. It wasn’t that I wasn’t proud to be breastfeeding and I didn’t care who knew what we were doing – I just didn’t want everyone seeing!

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