Breastfeeding an older baby

My little guy is almost one. That’s scary in itself. But it also reminds me that I’ve achieved almost a year where no formula has passed his lips and I am bloody proud of that! Our breastfeeding journey has been long and challenging but stubbornness on my part has meant we continued and now here we are almost a year later. I formula fed DS1 after failing at breastfeeding. And yes I say failing because I still feel like a failure for it. I wanted to breastfeed him and I didn’t manage that.

These days feeding is somewhat different to nursing that tiny half a stone baby. No nice snug tight holds at the right angle. In comes nursing on all fours, nursing whilst using your feet to attack the other breast, nursing whilst sitting up and his favourite one, nursing whilst pinching and fiddling with the underside of my arm!

There is also of course the fact he now knows the words milk and boobies an immediately throws himself mouth open at my chest if mentioned and equally he will now pull at my top to indicate what he wants.

He may be almost a year but he still feeds every couple of hours, or every half hour as he has been whilst teething!

We’ve overcome a bad latch, more because mummy hardened to it I think. We’ve sorted out the biting! That was painful for a couple of weeks! And we’ve managed with two teeth so far!

Mummy has got adept at feeding in public even now her nosey little boy is a little less discrete. Baba has learnt what he has to do in order to get what he wants with his latch. And together we cracked the feeding malarkey!

More and more we are becoming the outkasts at baby group for the fact we are continuing to feed when everyone else has given up but I don’t care. I’ve saved money, given both of us massive health benefits and ultimately created a fantastic bond and I believe the feeding has helped me fight against PND hormones!

Every time we see our health visitor she asks when I’m going to give up (think she must have memory loss) and every time my answer is when he is ready! He is still a baby an when he decides the time is right then so be it. But for now we’re going to keep doing what makes us both happy.


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding an older baby

  1. Well done on reaching the 12 month point, its damn hard work, tiring physically & sometimes mentally when your stuck with this voracious feeder in your arms knowing you have a hundred other things that need to get done – & not to mention when you’re desperate for a wee yourself!
    My son is 25 months and we are still breastfeeding, he loves it, demands it & simply isn’t ready to stop. I can understand how you feel about being a bit of a breastfeeding pariah amongst your fellow mums. I don’t know anyone (other than on Twitter) whose gone past 1yr never mind 2. I think that’s rather sad……. xx

  2. Hahaha, I smiled at some of his breastfeeding antics! They’re so familiar. My HV was so surprised that I was still breastfeeding! You done amazingly well and should be so proud. I wish you didn’t feel like a failure for the first time though as I don’t think you failed, I think that you were failed by a society that doesn’t support breastfeeding and doesn’t really support mothers, actually.

  3. Well done to you both. It’s difficult when you become the odd one out while breastfeeding beyond babyhood but it’s definitely worth it, not that I have to tell you that xx

  4. Hi 🙂

    I cannot really relate to this post as I stopped breastfeeding after 4 weeks when I was defeated both mentally & physically but big respect for persevering! If I can make it to just 2 months with my next I will be a happy girl!


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