Breastfeeding :: Handy products and a Competition

I’m the first person to admit that to breastfeed all you need is a pair of boobs and a baby! But sometimes there are other things that come in handy! Over the past year I’ve reviewed a few of them and in honour of Breastfeeding Awareness Week I thought I’d do you a run down!

In terms of clothing there was first the birthing shirt (HERE) which I still use at night! Its great because its poppered its really easy access for feeding! Then recently there was the Seraphine Breastfeeding Shawl (HERE), this has become my go to product recently when out and about! It folds up really small so it gets put in the bottom of the bag and whenever I’m somewhere that I know baba will be easily distracted I can pop it over and he has a good feed rather than throwing his head off and looking around every few seconds!

Another product I still find very handy is our Theraline Maternity and Breastfeeding Pillow (HERE). At nearly 1 you’d think I don’t have much use for it however I often have to feed him in the rugby ball position to get him to feed off the left hand side and therefore this is ideal to lay him along and keep him at the right height!

As a Mum who suffered with over supply in the early days my Medela Swing Breast Pump (HERE) was a complete life saver. It meant I could express off the early more forceful let down milk before trying to put him to the breast which he would then take more easily. The Medela swing was fast and efficient and not too noisy, unlike its recent replacement!

When you have a baby with a bad latch, which mine did, you often end up with excruciatingly sore nipples. And to treat that you will use an array of creams and lotions to try and help ease it. One of my favourite more natural ones was TNT (HERE).

And finally one that many mums still find useful as they’ve never heard of is the wonderful Contented Calf Cookbook (HERE) which is full of lactogenic, or in simple terms, food that helps mums make milk, recipes. I still use this book even now and I’ve let a few friends have a borrow of it too. Its a fantastic book and well worth getting if you find you want to help your milk supply!

Another essential which makes life so much easier is a nursing bra and Emma Jane have kindly provided one of their 361 Nursing Bras in sizes. 32-38 One cup only. Fits B-F cups. Open to UK residents only and for one week please complete the rafflecopter form below.

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19 thoughts on “Breastfeeding :: Handy products and a Competition

  1. Wow, you’ve got quite the resource here. I’m torn about the comfort or style really. Assuming it’s a well-fitting bra anyway then I’d go for style because a pretty bra can make such a difference to how you feel about yourself. Silly I know!

  2. Hopefully not too much to hope for but both are equally as important – a nice looking bra can change the way you feel but it has to be comfortable as well. @MummyFever

  3. Its style for me! I hate the feeling that my breasts gave changed and I like to feel myself so wish there were more stylistic nursing bras out there – especially for larger breasts 🙂

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