Breastfeeding :: Multiple sources of support

Last year when I started out on my feeding relationship with DS2 I’d already sourced some support prior to giving birth.

I’d discussed it at length with my birth reflections midwife.

I’d been on a Breastfeeding education course (read about that here).

When he arrived the moment we got back to HDU a nursery nurse was there and waiting to help me get him latched on.

When I was on the ward I frequently buzzed for the midwife to help me get him latched and make sure he was latched correctly. I think it bugged some of them that I kept asking but as my birth reflections midwife had taught me if you don’t ask you dont get.

When I came out of hospital I had midwives visiting for 14 days due to my PND risk. Most days it was someone different. I think I met the WHOLE of the local team! And a few from the neighbouring team! Each one had something different to offer. A different gem of advice.

Then I went to the NHS Breastfeeding clinic a few times. Until he was 6 weeks old when they no longer support you!

So then I went to the Breastfeeding Cafe at our local sure start centre.

Not counting the emails to La Lache League consultants, phone calls to the NCT and all my amazing twitter friends who offered tips.

Without all that support I might not be feeding now. That being said I’m stubborn so I may well have done it anyway lol. But my point is there is so much support out there. Often advice will overlap. People will say similar things, or even exactly the same things. Sometimes they will tell you something completely different. Not all advice will work for you in particular and you have to try things and learn what is best for you and your baby. If you want to do it you can. If you want help doing it its there, but you have to look for it! Its not going to come knocking on your front door and offer itself up sadly. Sometimes you have to ask a few times. But in the end it will be worth it.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But there are people and resources to help. Locally there will probably be clinics and groups. Theres the internet with websites such as kellymom. Theres phone lines.

Alot of people who don’t manage to breastfeed struggle because they didn’t receive the right support. I know that was certainly the case for me with DS1! Speak up and ask. Don’t suffer in silence if your worried about their latch, possible tongue tie etc.


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