50 Shades of Concern!

Yep so I read it! I read all 3 in fact. Within 5 days. It. Had. Me. Hooked.

So heres the thing. Obviously its been around a month or so now right? But I was determined I wasn’t going to read it. I didn’t want to. I walked past it numerous times in Tesco’s and didn’t purchase it. And then on an impulse I started to wonder just why the world was going cuckoo for it and what exactly the draw was. So I brought it on ibooks.

Now I agree with what people have said, it is poorly written. Theres no denying that. The style of writing is pretty horrendous as well and it jumps between subjects way to fast for my liking. The drama is all over too quick as well. Its also incredibly predictable. And yet I kept on reading. And reading. And reading. I have to admit I liked the end of the first book as it wasn’t a typical happy ending! That was a breath of fresh air!

Did I find out why everyone is going mad for it? No I didn’t. I still can’t work out why I got hooked on it myself. I can’t place my finger on what it is that has made it socially acceptable for people to read what is ultimately soft porn which is openly available on supermarket shelves.

And here comes my big issue with this. Its openly available to teenagers. Now personally if I was the mother of a teenage girl I wouldn’t want her reading that. Teenagers are experimental as it is, often pushing their boundaries before the legal age. We know that. But do we need something like this encouraging them into a more adult world? Because it has been so widely publicised they are going to have heard about it, they are going to be talking about it and quite possibly want to experiment themselves. What I can’t understand is why such an x-rated explicit book is available for anyone to buy in the supermarket? It should be in Ann Summers quite frankly. I think its wrong that its so freely available and it worries me the effect it could have on vulnerable and easily influenced teenagers, who ultimately just want to ‘be an adult’ by reading it but could potentially push that further and I think thats a big concern.

We can’t wrap our teenagers up in cotton wool but we can filter and control what they read and learn about when. If we started talking about some of those things in sex education, well it doesn’t bare thinking about doe it! So why make it available for teenagers to pick up when they go in for their magazines?

Its everywhere. Men are reading it. Women are reading it. And most likely teenagers are picking it up too. Should it be being censored? Personally I think it should.


One thought on “50 Shades of Concern!

  1. Good point well made Hayley, i am only half way thru the first book and i too am hooked but at the same time wondering how this is so freely available. I agree this should be censored 🙂

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