A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Today we did something we will probably never witness again. We saw the Olympic Torch come through our area! Luckily eldests school had allowed them to go home 2 hours early so I collected him, whizzed home, changed him and went off to the station to get the train to save on parking, there was sense in this madness I assure you! I was greeted by a South West Trains fail of epic proportions! Loads of the schools had closed early and there were parents and kids everywhere! So some smart alec planned this really well and had the ticket office closed! Yeah, real smart!

Therefore this was the scene that greeted me:

Then to add to how impressed I was with their service? A jammed platform had to squeeze onto a 4 coach train not the usual 8! One word. Sardines.

Either way we made it to Egham and disembarked and decided to head to the left, the plan being to walk as far as we could to find a gap. After about 500yards we came to an abrupt stop and were told the police were blocking the path so you couldn’t go any further, why? Well thats anyones guess! Then they had great fun shouting instructions for people to move on, except what they failed to see was that it was literally gridlock and there was nowhere for people to move to! Eventually we found a spot and succeeded to annoy a teacher by standing in her ‘designated zone’, there were no signs so she seemed to be the only one aware of said ‘zone’.

Shortly after we stopped the heavens opened and I mean they OPENED! I had baba in his mei tai on my front so had him under the umbrella between me and my best friend to keep him snug and dry however this meant all the water ran down my back so the whole of my back/bum/legs got soaked! It was still wet 3 hours later when I got home!


Just as the comercial trucks arrived and the torch was a few minutes away the rain miraculously stopped and it was clear blue skies and blazing heat! To the point that school kids in front of us had steam coming off their heads!

People had told me it goes quick and by god were they right! We were lucky that where we were standing we could see the whole way down the road so we had a great view but even still it was all over in a few minutes!

It was some ex footballer carrying the torch. And then that was it it was all over and done with and it started raining again. Clearly the torch has some good weather following it or something from up above was playing a helping hand but it really felt magical the way it suddenly stopped raining and had blue skies!

Normally you wouldn’t catch me waiting in crowds, with two children, for something so quick. But this is highly unlikely to happen again in their lifetime! Both the kids were so well behaved and baba just fell asleep and snoozed lightly on me whilst his big brother sat on his godmums shoulders and had a fantastic view!

One thing that did surprise me was the commercial aspect of it. Samsung, Coca Cola and Lloyds all having lorries? I know there is alot of expensive advertising going on but what happened to the olympics being about skilled athletes at the top of their game? Can’t help but think thats been a bit forgotten!


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