An unexpected fever!

For the past 4 years, more specifically, the past 12 months, I’ve been sick to death of hearing about the bloody olympics. But then alot of that talk was all political and boring stuff right? And then the torch arrived and by god suddenly I’ve become a olympic freak! We saw the Torch back at the start of July and immediately eldest was asking questions about when it would all start.

Friday night he was thrilled to stay up and watch as much of the opening ceremony as he could until he crashed. It was amazing and I think what I loved best was the fact it was like a mini history lesson. Eldest asked me tons of questions about why they were doing things and what it all meant. And as a youth worker I was thrilled to see young people lighting the caldron! Ended up sobbing!

Saturday we got up and set off to go and see the Mens cycle race come through our area. We managed to find a space eventually and found something for eldest to stand on so he could see, and my brother decided to climb a 6ft wall and sit on top of that, he by far had the best view of the lot of us! Before we knew it they were there and gone. Literally in a flash. Or with the mens it was a 2 flash thing with a 3 minute gap. It was such a buzz and an amazing atmosphere.

After how much fun it had been Saturday and seeing as on Sunday I had no one to have the kids so I could do anything we went over again. In the rain. Yes I felt insane but we did it and it worked out ok as it was dead quiet and baba slept so it wasn’t such a bad idea afterall. This time though it was just one flash as the women were all in one group! I was gutted for them that there was less of a turnout, although not complaining for me and my stress levels. A few people say it was just the weather but I can’t help think its a bit of sexism against women! But hey im practically a feminist! 😉

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have beach volleyball tickets. It was an awesome evening and a real party atmosphere. Including a number of conga lines around the stadium. I was GUTTED that the Aussie women didn’t win as my 2nd mummy is Australian so I was screaming for them but sadly it wasn’t to be. I stupidly took my massive SLR and then forgot my memory card but thankfully my best friend had hers and she let me borrow it hehe!

Tomorrow we will go and see the time trials as they are in our area again and then we have football tickets still to go to. And yesterday my mum managed to get Paralympic athletics tickets too which im massively excited about! Did I think I would be gripped by olympic fever? Absolutely not! I knew I’d be following the rowing as my Mums cousins hubby is in the mens eight but that was all I thought I’d be interested in.


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