Tasteless reporting…

Last night I recorded The Batman Shootings, yep a documentary about the recent, yes, recent as in a few weeks ago, shooting that occured in Aurora. I recoreded it because when I saw it on my TV guide I was bemused as to why something like that was on so soon after the massacre. We get 9/11 documentaries, 7/7 documentaries – all the time, but those have been filmed in the YEARS following those tragerdies, when the victimes and their famileis have had therapy, counselling, time to heal, before they have shared their experienes.

In this documentary, some new unknown presenter who I’ve never seen on TV before has gone to america and interviewed young people who were there on the night, who lost their boyfriends, their friends. Shes also followed the trail of the gunman and where he got his guns from etc. As a piece of television it was confusing and pointless. It drifted between different themes ranging from so called crossed paths between the gunman and victims, his psychiatric state, the death penalty, political gun laws. There didn’t seem to be a point to it. It felt messy and jumpy and I have really struggled to understand WHY anyone, producer or whoever, felt this documentary needed filming so soon? Many of the questions are still unanswered about the actual shootings so why put those people through the pain of reliving their experiences for the world to see.

A big part of the documentary focused on the americans right to bear arms. Something I totally do not understand and cannot comprehend. But then I come from a country where most of our police are unarmed in terms of firearms and quite frankly I find it terrifying when in London and I see a cop with a gun. I get that its their culture. I get that they do police gun sales as much as is possible and ultimately nothing can predict the unstable mental state of a young man. But. Maybe if guns werent so freely available that wouldn’t happen so often.

But back to my point. I don’t see why this needed to be shown now. A years time when the trial has happened, a sentence/punishment has been given, victims have come to terms with it a little more, maybe then it would have been more valid. Right now I felt it made the presenter look pretty heartless in the way she invaded on their community at a time when they were mourning.


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