Babywearing: Moving away from high street carriers…

When your expecting a baby the first place most people go for their baby products is a catalogue such as the mothercare one. Am I right? So you scan to the baby carrier page, and what do you see? Baby Bjorns and similar designs. Designs where the babies hips are not supported and their legs are dangling. Many promoting forward facing (thats another post later this week).

So what is the problem with these carriers? The problem is that they aren’t favourable for a ‘healthy hip position’ and have been linked to Hip Dysplasia. Jane recently had a great post on her blog here about her own expereinces of Hip Dysplasia.

These carriers aren’t going to be leaving the mainstream market anytime soon. And I myself would be using one if it wasn’t for the fact I had knowledgeable mums on twitter reccomend slings and wraps to me. Then I got researching and discovered sights such as Sling Guide.

My first wrap was infact one that another lovely blogger sent me, Snaffles Mummy, I’d been trying to decide for ages and was bamboozled by the amount there were on the market. The first time we used it I was in love! It was so comfortable and my little guy fell asleep immediately. And then I was hooked.

Wraps often come across as complicated… so I figured for my first blog post for international babywearing week I would show you some of the other ‘structured carriers’ that there are on the market which are buckled like a ‘hight street carrier’ would be.

Brands such as Ergo, Manduca, Beco Butterfly. Patapum, Manduca, Boba and Connecta are just a few of the brands of structured carriers available. They are more pricey than a standard high street carrier but all support a babies hips in the healthy hip position as demonstrated on the right in the above picture. The fabric should be knee to knee.

Personally I adore my connecta as its my school run carrier. Its quick and easy to pop on and doesn’t have loads of material in the dirt! 

Check out the Natural Mamas blog for other posts about babywearing week! And of course check back here tomorrow for more information!

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7 thoughts on “Babywearing: Moving away from high street carriers…

  1. We’ve just come back from a weekend in London and used our Connecta. It was perfect in the History Museum and especially the tube. Couldn’t have done without it. x

    1. Hi Fliss, I have no personal experience, from what I can see they look fairly supportive of babies hips although the pictures with a newborn don’t look like they have been positioned as well as they could be, sadly alot of manufacturers tend not to photograph their products well.

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