Juggling too much…

My blogging is becoming more and more sporadic. Life feels like its getting busier rather than calmer. This year has been so intense in so many ways and I feel like I haven’t stopped. If its not one thing its another. No sooner than I cross one thing off my never-ending list another 3 are added. Theres boxes still to unpack from the move in the summer, paperwork and admin stuff still to be done, not least trying to fit in studying two courses which I should be putting 30 hours a week aside for … yeah right!

This week I crossed one thing off my list. I finally saved enough money to order the wardrobe I’ve been after so no longer will the floor be my wardrobe but I will actually have a stunning one! One that is just how I want it. Its a relief but at the same time with birthdays and xmas coming up I felt bad for putting the money towards something I need.

Christmas presents are going to be few and far between. I’m keeping an eye in the charity shops and on ebay for brand new toys etc. Friends and family are only going to be getting small gifts this year. Which is bugging me because I like to be able to get them a few things and I know this year I can’t afford that.

At the moment I’m reaching the point of exhaustion. I haven’t stopped all week and I feel like shouting ‘Stop I want to get off!’ or finding that illusive pause button just so I can take a few hours not to think about all the things that need doing. Not to stress about finances. Or my courses.

I’m not the only one that feels like this am I?


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