Breastfeeding at 15 months!

Yep another breastfeeding post 😉

Well we’ve now reached 15 months breastfeeding! Its not been easy recently though. Littlest poor latch has meant cracked nipples which just aren’t healing and they are starting to get incredibly painful. Its really hard. I’m back to the days of wincing whenever he latches on and hes a bit of a boobie monster so that can be 10+ times a day! I’ve found if I take fenugreek my supply is better and he needs to feed less frequently rather than the every 10 minutes he does if we are at home! I thought doing that would also mean it gave my nipples a chance to heal more but still they are painful. They have been for about two months now!

Recently I’ve realised I suspect little one has both lip and tongue tie. It would explain his poor latch and why he doesn’t open his mouth wide enough. He tends to purse his top lip inwards and even if I manage to get him to pull it up he soon brings it back in.

He is so easily distracted feeding now too. I refuse to feed him during In the Night Garden as he just goes on and off constantly trying to see Iggle Piggle and if we are out and about we only feed if he is really hungry as otherwise he plays the on off game too which is not fun when your nipples are red raw! He also won’t let me take photos of him feeding anymore as he spots the phone and tries to grab it!

I’m so glad we’ve been at it for so long. He had his 1 year check the other week, a few months late! And my HV didn’t even mention weaning which I was impressed with! I’ve only had one comment recently which was ‘Oh your too big for that now’ to which I just responded we’ll be going until at least 3!

I get that some people don’t like feeding bigger babies, or when they get teeth, but I think I would find it more heartbreaking trying to say no to him when he signs milk and pulls at my top than I would to let him self wean! We are both happy so why shouldn’t we carry on? … If only my nipples would heal I’d be even happier!!!!! 😉


5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding at 15 months!

  1. Well done on reaching 15 months! I am almost at 9 months and thats the longest I’ve gone so every day is a bonus for us! I always had 12 months max in my mind for some reason but now I’m not so sure!

  2. Fabulous..! Nursing is so bonding and I just wanted to encourage you! I nursed my last baby for a little over 2 years.. Hold him tight to encourage the latch! Keep dry when done.. that helped me!

  3. Good for you! Keep feeding as long as feels right for both of you. My kids are older -11, 9 and 6 – and breastfeeding for a long time was more frowned on then. I fed them for 10, 15 and 16 months even though I was back at work. Two of them self-weaned. Found you on MBPW!

  4. I fed my first til she self weaned at 14 months, i was sad it when it happened, but like you never wanted to refuse her. I’m now almost 8 months in with my 2nd and happy to carry on as long as he wants it!

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