Escaping! And a few thoughts on Butlins!

Well this weekend we got away for a couple of days. And boy did I need it! Things have been insanely hectic recently with one thing after another! We drove down Friday afternoon to Butlins and checked into the Ocean Hotel. As we have done for the past 3 years. This was our 3rd time there and we had our usual high hopes. I’ve got to say though this weekend left us disappointed and with no plans to return. Every other year we have booked the next holiday whilst there but this year we decided we would spend a little more and go back to Center Parcs.

It wasn’t a bad weekend in any shape or form but it was just little things which added up to it not being a WOW kind of weekend. We had a room different to the one we had requested, this one was bang next to the lifts thus ensuring on the first night the kids were woken numerous times by people shouting as they came out the lifts.

I experienced the spa for the first time and although I ‘chilled out’ I found 2 hours quite enough as there just wasn’t a great deal to do in comparison to my visits to other spas where there are a whole range of different rooms to experience, not just 3. And most of it is very ‘public’ and more suited to groups, who are doing anything but chilling out I can tell you!

Eldest watched the Mike the Knight show and came back with Grandma and reported it was boring and they didn’t stay until the end as it only featured Mike and a Red Coat! He wasn’t thrilled!

We had fun. We enjoyed the funfair and the softplay on offer. We went to the pool and played bowling and the room issue got semi sorted in being moved to the only other available room which was an ‘accessible’ room meaning although quieter we had to compromise on a bathroom and had no bath to bath the kids in as it was a wet room instead.

It was great to get away. But we won’t be rushing back this time! And now to crack on with the assignment I have due at the end of the week which I got none done over the weekend! Whoops!


One thought on “Escaping! And a few thoughts on Butlins!

  1. Such a shame that your free time and vacation brings disappointment..but well, happens sometimes, it is good you could enjoy yourselves either way. The kids are so easy to be woken up or the people were really loud :))?

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