Review: Go Ape! Bracknell

We were given Moneysupermarket vouchers to review Go Ape free of charge. I’ve done go ape 3 times before. But when the opportunity arose to review go ape I figured it may finally be time to check out my ‘local’ venue. I’ve visited the Exeter one and this summer we did the Dorset moors valley one but with Alice holt and Bracknell both down the road from me we’ve just never got around to it! Today we went over there and changed that!

It was a damp morning but I still made sure to only put a couple of layers on as I knew we would soon warm up. We arrived a little early and completed our disclaimer whilst we waited for the rest of our time slot group to arrive before we had our instruction and briefing. This is hands on and involves them showing you how to use the caribeener system and demonstrating you have understood it. Eventually you move onto ‘Site 1’ which is really just a further training site. Seeing as I was the only one in the group who has gone before the instructor asked me to help demonstrate. Once you’ve done your first crossing and miniature zip wire your given the code to access the sites and your good to go!


Bracknell is quite a low course in terms of height, although my friend was pretty pleased with that as he wasn’t the biggest fan of heights! Personally it doesn’t phase me in the slightest but if you arent keen on them this is either a good chance to get over them or don’t do it! You do have to look at your feet alot of the time to look at where your going especially if your crossing swinging logs! I don’t tend to look past my feet so don’t notice the heights but I know for alot of people it does bug them.

We were lucky that as I had done it before the instructor set us off first and we got ahead of the main group for quite a while! I was glad we got to go first as due to previous experience I knew if you got stuck behind someone whos a tad ‘nervous’ shall we say you can be waiting around on platforms for ages!

There are technically 5 zip wires, although the first one is about 1 metre of the ground as its a training one so doesn’t really count 😉 The other four we were warned were moving quite fast that day due to the damp and they weren’t wrong! They were FLYING! The first two landings I landed forwards and on my feet but because of how fast I had landed my feet couldn’t keep up with my body and I fell, thus producing mud all up my legs and backside, oh and shoulder .. and hair and head! Thankfully on the final two I managed to land on my feet and had got quicker and getting my legs running! To be honest its actually quite good fun landing on your backside! Its good fun! And soft! You just end up with woodchip in ya pants thats all!

The Bracknell site is easier for spectators to meander through than some other courses I’ve done and my Dad had no problem following us around with his camera, did look kinda dodgy him standing in the bushes with a camera! 😉

The advantage of the Bracknell Go Ape is there is also the Look Out Discovery science centre on site which is ideal for younger family members who may not be able to take part (Go Ape is for 12 and over) as well as cycle hire, cafe and adventure playground so there really is something for everyone there and to make a day of it after your Go Ape experience.

I was hugely impressed with the staff at Go Ape Bracknell. They were friendly and chatty, they had one of their gorgeous dogs there, she was just lovely! They were through with their instructions and fitting at the start and made sure we’d had a good time at the end.

Personally I find Go Ape massively relaxing! But thats a whole separate blog post to come! Would I go back? Yes! Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes. Do I think its Britain’s Best Day Out? Absofrickinlutely! Its hysterical, fun, physical and a great way to spend quality time with family and friends!

Go Ape shuts for most of the winter during the week but is open some weekends. Check out the Go Ape website to find your nearest venue and check opening times for 2012!

Disclosure: Item received free in exchange for this review. Please see Disclosure Policy Here.


2 thoughts on “Review: Go Ape! Bracknell

  1. Looks Like you had a fantastic time. Both C and I have done Go Ape for our hen and sten parties we want to go to Moors Valley to do it together as it’s just down the road. I hope to one day complete them all lol.

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