Breastfeeding at 17 months: Cracked nipples and teeth!

Yep I really did get off lightly I know. Until 17 months bubs only had two teeth. Admittedly when he’d bitten me with those it f****g hurt but we soon got over it. However suddenly as I knew would happen hes had a massive influx and has got top teeth, side teeth, back teeth all coming through all at the same time.

Until now I hadn’t been too scared. But suddenly they are a seriously scary prospect. What makes it worse is his poor latch. I’ve had cracked nipples for four months now. I should buy shares in kamilosan and lanoish. Oh and pure lanolin … and coconut oil … yep I’ve literally tried everything to make them heal but it just hasn’t happened! I’m at the point of trying not to cry whenever he feeds and that isn’t nice.

I was chatting with one of the school mums this week. She struggled with breastfeeding for four months and then had to stop due to the pain she was experiencing. She told me its admirable I’m so stubborn. And I think shes right, my stubbornness is the only thing stopping me from going ‘you know what I can’t take the pain anymore!’, so I’m determined to find a way to fix it! There is a way I just have to find it! I know I’m not ready to stop feeding yet, and I’m not ready because I know bubs isn’t ready. He has learnt the baby sign for milk and sits on me and does it whenever he wants it. And thats frequently. He still feeds overnight, even more so whilst hes teething and its his comfort if he gets upset or bumps himself.

I’ve got to admit the thing I’m finding hardest is the lack of knowledge that GP’s and practice nurses have and that finding a breastfeeding expert that is knowledgeable past 6 months is tough. I’ve seen breastfeeding counsellors who although experienced rarely see women who are still feeding at 17 months. Which in itself is scary when the recommended is at least 2 years! It should be a societal norm! Not an almost extinct human behaviour! I’ve found I’m going into see medical ‘experts’ and I’m informing them of information such as that from the breastfeeding network on what creams are most effective etc! I think breastfeeding must be the only area of medical knowledge that the medical profession is taught in a 10 second whizz over that clearly goes in one ear and out the other!

Now if only I could find someone that knew what they were talking about!


3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding at 17 months: Cracked nipples and teeth!

  1. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for you I’m afraid but I just wanted to tell you what a good job you’re doing. I fed until Bud was 25 months and had to give up because I was pregnant and the pregnancy hormones were really conflicting with my desire to feed. This was all a factor in my antenatal depression. I asked my midwife and doctor for advice and they both responded by saying ‘well, just stop, he doesn’t need to feed anymore’ To be fair, he was ready to stop but I’m not sure I was and I feel like I was cheated of support to continue. Oh, just thought of something, could it be thrush?

  2. Correcting latch problems in older babies seems to be impossible. Every time my daughter has a tooth come through she has a bad latch for a few days (and pain). In the early months my nipples were agony so I can understand what 4 months of sore nipples is like and the determination not to give up.
    Le leche league seems to be the only place you can get support for full term breast feeding. I have no advice, but hopefully teeth will stop popping through soon. Good luck

  3. My baby boy had teeth really early so i can sympathise however i did stop feeding at 11 months when he had had enough. My sister’s little boy refused to feed from 9 months 😮 Well done for telling the world breastfeeding is NORMAL!! We are few and far between x

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