He’s STILL in parent facing mode?

‘He’s STILL in parent facing mode?’ I’ve heard that recently from numerous Mum friends when they see Mr 18m in his beautiful Stokke Xplory. And yep he is STILL in parent facing mode and he wont be going in world facing mode any time soon.

I LOVE having him facing me and able to interact. We often walk into town along the river and its great being able to communicate and talk about what we can see and point things out to him and tell him what things are that he points too. I also don’t have to be an anxious parent when hes having a snack because I can see him at all times. And I know if hes got his hands out the pram trying to grab things in shops. Why would I want to change his seat position just because hes ‘older’ now. I think its even more important at this age to have that communication factor if you do have that choice.

Then of course theres the fact that it just looks plain beautiful in parent facing mode anyway! I still love my Stokke Xplory, if not more now than I did a few months ago. Now winter has come around again we have the lovely snug footmuff on. Its so warm and fleecy. I dont have to worry about putting a thick winter coat on if I know we are using the footmuff instead I can just pop a little jacket on him.

The stokke has continued to draw looks from strangers as well. Only yesterday we were in the material shop in town and I could hear the old dears behind the counter saying ‘how nice is that, its so high up, looks very different’. And being red it stands out. Which I LOVE. I’m not much of a shy wallflower so a nice bold colour is essential as far as I”m concerned!

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Disclosure: Item was received as a gift with no obligation to write a review, I choose to write about this product because I have a passion for it. Please see Disclosure Policy Here.


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