Being on the radio! ‘Generations Apart’

Last year an opportunity arose through twitter to take part in a Radio 4 program, Generations Apart, they were looking for a young mother who was born in 1990 … so I put my name forward and got chatting with the lovely producer Anna about taking part in the show they were recording about two different generations and the differences between the generations. We met up for a coffee, talked about my situation as a young single parent who’s started work but is no better off for it than I am for being on benefits and the difficulties I face becoming independent, relationships etc! We then arranged a date for Anna and Fi, the presenter to visit and record the interview.

One afternoon Anna came over and we set about recording the interview. Fi was an easy interviewer and friendly. Anna had great fun trying to capture the sounds of DS2 babbling! He wasn’t having any of it and was more interested in pressing all the knobs and buttons on her equipment! We recorded loads of different stuff including bits with my parents and I also asked Anna to keep my eldests voice out of the recording, which was easier said than done seeing as hes such a chatterbox but when I listened to the show on Wednesday I was thrilled to hear she had respected my wishes.

I had been nervous about how it would be edited. You hear all the time about peoples words getting twisted and taken out of context and I was very aware of that. I couldn’t decide whether to tell my Grandparents in advance incase I didn’t like what I heard. But I bit the bullet and I told them and they enjoyed listening to it and thought it came across really well. I even had a couple of friends who I hadn’t told listen to it and message me after saying ‘I just heard you’! Mega embarrassment lol!

So if you’d like to hear it for yourself you can visit the BBC page here: my bit of the show is around 23 minutes. Fi also wrote a great blog post about recording the show:

Let me know your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Being on the radio! ‘Generations Apart’

  1. Wow! This is a great write up of the experience and I’m so glad they respected your wishes. It makes such a difference when the media are not using teenage pregnancy as a horror story to get ratings! Well done and hope there will be lots more opportunities like this! x

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