23 Reasons I feel blessed

Today is my 23rd birthday. It has been an amazing day. Probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. I’m happy and content in myself. My boys are happy. We spent it with family and friends and I did something I’d wanted to do for a while. Walk over the O2. It’s been an amazing day with beautiful gifts and cards from those that matter to me!

So here’s 23 reasons why this year I feel blessed.

1. I have two amazing boys who never fail to make me smile and make me swell with pride on a daily basis. My world revolves around them.
2. I have an amazing mummy who loves me. Is proud of me. Supports me. And is an excellent grandma.
3. I have a dad who although he is a workaholic he makes time for his grandchildren and loves me very much and for that I’m grateful.
4. I have fantastic friends who are always behind me. I always have someone I can turn to. Someone to share a laugh with. Someone to shed a tear with. I know not everyone has that.
5. In the past year I started a new job and got a promotion within 3 months.
6. I love my job and am incredibly passionate about it.
7. I’ve got to a stage in my life where I don’t constantly think ‘oh that would make a good blog post’ or panic because I haven’t blogged in days. I blog when I want to. Not because I feel I have too.
8. I am nearing the end of my open university degree. It hasn’t been easy juggling two kids with the equivilant of full time study but I know I’m doing an amazing job. Mainly because Everyone tells me.
9. My confidence in my own academic ability has improved greatly this year with two tutors who are a million times better than the useless twonk I had last year. My grades are improving and I’m believing in myself.
10. I’ve found my motivation to run again.
11. I’ve got achievable goals in mind for this coming year.
12. I am STILL happy being single 🙂
13. I am no longer broody! My family feels complete.
14. I am surrounded by my photographs which make me smile daily.
15. I continue to grab awesome opportunities with both hands.
16. I have returned to my natural hair colour and am happy with it. I am happy in my own natural skin.
17. I’ve been shown epic kindness by some beautiful strangers in the past year and they will forever be my angels.
18. I’ve met new friends this year who I share interests with and can talk to for hours.
19. I purchased my dream wardrobe this year and hope I can keep it forever! It’s everything I’ve always wanted.
20. I’ve had a excellent astrology reading with the UKs top academic astrologer and have a good idea of where things are going this coming year.
21. I’ve found a way of natural parenting that for me works and has given me a confidence and belief in my parenting skills.
22. I am breastfeeding for a second birthday! 19 months and counting!
23. I am HAPPY!!!!


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