Should secondary schools use twitter?

So recently I discovered that a local secondary school are using twitter. Scrolling through their free I discovered photographs of shows. Names of students etc, this shocked me.

I’m a youth worker and in order to have any photographs of young people online we must complete consent forms. We also don’t name the young people. Safeguarding would suggest that sharing this kind of information is risky. It’s a known fact you shouldn’t share personal information online such as where you work, the school you/your children c attend, your address.

This account isn’t a ‘protected’ account. So anyone can find these children’s names and view these pictures. Then there’s the fact the headteacher also has an account he tweets from.

Now maybe I live in the Stone Age but I find this totally inappropriate for a school to be using twitter in this way. What are your thoughts? Would you be happy with photos of your child and their name being published into the public domain for anyone to access??


2 thoughts on “Should secondary schools use twitter?

  1. I would not be happy about this at all. It would be different if it was protected, and the parents all had sign a consent form to okay it? But an open twitter account is not on. I would be fuming if H’s school had this without me knowing.

  2. Unless parental consent is given then no it isn’t appropriate. Parents would be informed if their child was going to appear in a local paper or similar and it should be the same for this type of information appearing online in such a publicly accessible manner.

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