Breastfeeding a toddler

Little man is 18 months this month. Although I still see him as a baby he is getting more and more toddler like. Not least in his stubborness at not wanting to give something over if he really wants it. Result? Tantrums! He is far easier to soothe out of tantrums though thanks to magic boobie which he often requests.

Feeding now is strange. It’s so different to those early days. I helped one of my friends recently feeding her newborn and was discussing positioning etc. you try positioning a 18 month old who wants to stand between your lap, or be up on all fours! Gone are the days of holding him snugly against my body.

Equally now I no longer have to look for the signs he’s hungry. Now he tells me. It has been by him pulling at my top and screeching but now instead of screeching he says boob as of last week!

He does still ‘feed’ quite often but I think that’s because my supply has dropped and he’s not so keen. I’ve gone to feeding off one breast as we went through a phase of toe curling splits and thrush so I got to a point where I knew the only way one side would heal was to stop. It had always been his least favourite side anyway as I had surgery on an abcess as a child and my milk supply on that side was never the same as the other side and he frequently refused it. We’ve been feeding off just one side for a few months now and its working just fine.

There’s also the hilarity of toddlers in general. A couple of times recently where he’s been playing with my nipples and has managed to express a bit and he gets totally freaked out by it. Like he’s confused that something comes out of them. The puzzled look on his face makes me giggle every time. And then if you offer him boob he turns his nose up at it! So funny!

I still plan to feed him until 3 or when he self weans. Whichever comes first. I don’t see him self weaning anytime soon though and that’s fine by me!



3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding a toddler

  1. I loved breastfeeding my son but I was only able to do it for 3 months as I got mastitis and then the antibiotics gave me thrush in my boobs and my milk supply just seemed to dry up, I was gutted! Baby no.2 is due in 3 weeks and I have to say one of the things I’m most looking forward to is breastfeeding her, hopefully I’ll do better this time 🙂 x

  2. I love the heart on your picture – I’d never thought of doing that.
    Self-weaning on average occurs at aged 4 years.
    My 5 year old I don’t remember stopping but hasn’t fed since his 4th birthday. My youngest still feeds occasionally and very quickly and he is 4 in April.
    Well done as I think this is age is particularly difficult because a lot of the breastfeeding support is for babies/getting established.
    I’ve also tandem fed which I think is an amazing experience.

  3. having an 18 month old jumping up and down, trying to pull my top up and down and asking Beebie as I am reading your post! she likes Beebie whenever I am on the pc and working!

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