Holding them a little tighter…

Anyone who is a blogger … or even anyone on twitter probably, wont have missed the awful news last month that Jennie from Edspire lost her beautiful daughter Matilda Mae. I can remember the day the news broke on twitter and how everyone just couldn’t get their heads around it. I know for me reading Jennies tweets on the Sunday evening I couldn’t fathom the pain her and her family must be going through. To have your beautiful baby safely sleeping and then a few hours later shes gone. Its not something that anyone can really get their heads around I don’t think.

I think everyones been affected by Matilda Mae and I know I’ve read tons of blog posts from other mums and parents talking about how they are holding their children a little tighter. Or how its changed them in some way.

I know for me its made me appreciate every second. No matter how hard it gets, like when little man was unwell last week, I just thought back to Matilda Mae and Jennie and the exhaustion seemed insignificant in comparison  I just appreciated the extra time to have with him and cuddle him. Even if it was 3am and he hadn’t slept!

None of us know what tomorrow holds. Hopefully more time to fill our lives with happy memories and love. But not always. Its made me cherish each moment. Its made me determined to make the most of my days at home with youngest and fill the weekends with fun and games for eldest. I know this year when I cycle London to Brighton and the going gets tough I’ll be thinking of Matilda Mae, Jennie and Family.

Very few of us will ever experience what Jennie and family have. But I think its safe to say Matilda Mae has touched the hearts of so many within the blogging community. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t thought of her or checked in on Jennies timeline to see how shes doing. I remember one night the week after Matilda passed away I was going to work and I looked up to see a beautiful clear night full of stars and immediately I thought of Matilda. Her memory is going to live on forever in all our hearts. xxx

Ghostwritermummy put it beautifully in this post, ‘How can a person be heartbroken for a woman she has yet to meet?


3 thoughts on “Holding them a little tighter…

  1. So very true, I’ve thought of Jennie and Matilda Mae every day since I read the tragic news on twitter. I’ve never met Jennie but I’ve been so devastated for her and her family, it’s the most heartbreaking thing for them or anyone to have to deal with and my heart goes out to them x

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