Should you share birth photos?

Today I saw someone tweet a comment that someone on their Facebook had posted their c-section birth photos, the tone wasn’t hugely positive and so I enquired why she felt this was unnecessary and if she was against both c-section photos and natural or just c-section.

The discussion got me thinking. I’m well aware its not to everyones tastes to see birth photos. Mum looking rough. Baby often still covered in all the blood etc. They aren’t pretty like those posed ones you might do when the baby is a few days old. But they are real. They represent those first minutes of your babies life. With my eldest son I don’t have any from in theatre. It was an emergency section that didn’t exactly go to plan and photos were not top of my mums list and I totally understand that!

But with youngest it was a planned c-section. I’d spoken to my midwife to ask if cameras were allowed and she said yes so my mum was under strict instructions that I wanted LOTS of photos. She managed to capture a photo of eldest as he was lifted from my tummy and in the hands of my awesome consultant. I have photos of our first cuddles as I’m still lying on the operating table and hes on my chest. I have photos of him being weighed. Cutting the cord. Everything I missed out on with eldest.

And why shouldn’t I share them? They are my proudest moments and its natural to want to shout about it is it not? I have to admit I struggle to understand the ‘its personal’ side of things, if your going to be posting a birth announcement and life with your baby on your Facebook and twitter anyway, why not share that part of your life too? Its no different to the mums who allow their births to be filmed and shown on national TV surely, in a sense anyway. Then theres the argument of, but I don’t look good in the photos. Of course you don’t! No-one expects you to! You just had a baby for gods sake! The photos of me post eldest I look terrible in. I’d just almost died, had received a 6 pint blood transfusion and was swollen from all the fluids I’d been pumped with! Having a baby isn’t glamourous. But its real. Its amazing. It should be appreciated, celebrated and documented.

Personally for me when I was 16 and pregnant and using the internet as a way of learning everything I needed to learn about childbirth birth photos gave me a good idea of what to expect. I’m a visual person. Reading it is one thing but seeing it is another.

So im interested to know. Do you have photos from your children’s births? Did you share them with friends and family? 

2006: 16 Years old. The bottom right is my first photographed cuddle with my boy when I was eventually concious enough to appreciate a photo about 16 hours old.
2006: 16 Years old. The bottom right is my first photographed cuddle with my boy when I was eventually concious enough to appreciate a photo about 16 hours old.
2011: 21 : Bottom right is his first few seconds in the world. Big photo is my first cuddle with him.
2011: 21 : Bottom right is his first few seconds in the world. Big photo is my first cuddle with him.

12 thoughts on “Should you share birth photos?

  1. Ohhh how I wish I had photos. The day after my son was born I was scrolling through the photos on our phone, pressed the wrong button and accidentally deleted them all! I was absolutely devastated. So, in answer to your question – if I had them, I would definitely share them. They are the most precious photos ever.

  2. I done a birth story but the camera that does have my birth pictures on broke on the day they were taken with NO memory card – so I have no birth pictures. Only pictures of Shy whilst I was being cleaned up and then pictures of me and her about 30-50mins after she was born (I think). If I had had them, they would have been in my birth story. If I’m going to tell the story, I presume whoever is reading is interested and therefore not going to moan about seeing the pictures to match!! x

  3. Beautiful photos to be cherished forever! I had an emergency section with big man. We were allowed to take a photo as he was being pulled out. I love it. My hisband loves it and big man now loves it. Family and friends weren’t so keen! It really is the first seconds of his life and after 36hrs of labour, I am not sharing the ones with me in. It is life – I don’t know why people are against it. Yes he is covered in stuff, but he is beautiful.

  4. Your photos are lovely. Personally, I wouldn’t want pictures taken (or posted) but that is just me – and an awareness that I really did look like a wreck (there were pictures taken, with my permission, for the Lancet). I do bitterly regret there were no pictures of J when he was a new born
    Wish I had as he was rushed off to SCBU in another hospital.

  5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. Your pictures are tasteful and gorgeous. Pictures of newborn babies in the first minute of their lives are a wonder of the world! I don’t know what was pictured in the c-section photo mentioned at the beginning of your post? I guess pictures of open surgery or vaginas is a little too much information…!

  6. Hayley, I think they are beautiful photos and I personally feel honoured that you shared them. Thank you. As you know, my first two births were emergency sections and taking photos was the last thing on my mind. In fact, with my son I refused pictures altogether and that is something I will deeply regret always. My youngest was an elective section and I did not want photos in the operating theatre. My favourite photo was taken in recovery and its my favourite because I never got to do that with the others. I think birth photos are wonderful and I agree that they should be celebrated. I will never understand people who can’t just scroll past them if they don’t like them!

  7. I think like with all things in life, you have to do what you feel is right. If you want to share your photos then share, those that don’t like them don’t have to go through each picture.

    It’s funny, because I shared my labour on Twitter as you know, but not my photos! There were a few after he was born, but both my babies were born at home so they don’t actually look like ‘just born’ photos. however, they’re mine and they’re precious to me and I haven’t even showed them to my family.

    I tweeted a photo about an hour after Oz was born, and on Fb I popped a photo of B once we’d all chilled and cuddled her.

    I have no problems seeing photos of birth, or C sections, or breastfeeding, but I can see how others would. My husband is super sqeaumish – he’d probably faint if he saw some of the photos I’d seen!

  8. I love your photos.
    I wish we had more. We adopted our eldest so only have a few baby photos full stop. But I had our youngest by c-section and after being awake for so long, hubby just didn’t think about it particularly, so we only have a few of Dollop, and even less of her with me.
    I’m not sure I would have wanted any of her actually being lifted out…only because I’m squeamish and can’t imagine wanting to see my insides, but I don’t have a problem with others sharing them, why shouldn’t they? And yes, we did share the first one we had of me holding her, I’m still rigged up to tons of IVs, she’s covered in blood, but it was an amazing moment.

  9. We have photos and I most definitely share them.
    Like you said, it’s real. There is nothing better than the awe on the parents faces and the little knowing looks of a newborn child ❤

  10. I don’t have birth photos of any of mine because Hubby isn’t great with a camera, hence why you rarely see photos of me at all. I would have loved real birth and would have been proud to display them. My theory is, if people don’t like them they don’t don’t need to look. I love your pics x

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