Stars for Matilda Mae

Once again the power of the Internet has amazed me. Matilda Mae has reached far and wide tonight. She has spread her little wings and touched hundreds if not thousands of hearts. Maybe even millions. She even trended on twitter.

How? Through one picture being shared by many. The majority of my feed is now filled with the same beautiful image that Cara created. A simple image that means so much. That shows Jennie and family are in our thoughts. That Matilda has touched many hearts. That her legacy lives on. That we must hug our children a little tighter each day.

Looking down my twitter feed tonight the lyrics to one of my favourite Coldplay songs came into my head.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow


Tomorrow I will be wearing pink and purple in honour of beautiful tilda. I will be sending prayers and strength to Jennie and David and the twins. Tomorrow I will squeeze my boys that bit tighter.

Sleep peacefully poppet. Spread those wings far and wide. You’ve made an amazing impact on so many under such terrible circumstances little one.


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