Happy Single Mothers Day

Around this time of the year I often see posts from single mums saying how hard they find mothers day etc. But I have to admit I dont! Its a normal day in our household. A normal day like any other where I love that there is just me and the boys. There is no other person interfering in our lives trying to put their viewpoint in.

I’ve been a single mum now for almost 6 years. Bar two short relationships. Those two relationships taught me that I’m a better person when I’m a single mum. Then theres the fact I do not have any time right now for a relationship. Juggling being a mum, working, doing a degree and an NVQ3 there is barely any hours in the day for any ‘me time’ anyway so bringing another person into the mix would be a recipe for disaster quite frankly.

Yes my mothers days aren’t filled with lie-ins, breakfast in bed, and not having to make dinner. Yes its just a normal day but I love those normal days. I love getting up with little man in the morning and snuggling on the sofa watching cbeebies until we both wake up properly. I love being nagged to make breakfast and watch DVDs on repeat. And I even love the cheeky battles of trying to change nappies and get the children dressed. Its a life that I love. One that I wouldn’t change for the world. And that includes bringing a man into the mix.

I still find after 6 years it shocks some people that I am HAPPY being single. People automatically expect that you are on the look out and want someone in your life and they cant seem to get their heads around the fact that you can be happy alone. Bringing someone else into the mix would only happen if they swept me off my feet and were as spontaneous and impulsive as me. I cant stand boring people who do nothing with their lives and as of yet I’m yet to be swept away by someone as free-spirited! According to the astrologer I saw in January I wont ever have that swept away passion but I will one day be ‘content’ … right now content is my idea of hell. I dont see why anyone would want to be content in a relationship when you could be happy and passionate but thats just me. And he says over time my mind will change about what I want! I guess time will tell. But for now I’ll remain smug whilst I watch people moan and groan about the annoying habits their other halves have, when they moan that they didn’t get a card, or that they forgot to put the bins out. And I’ll relish in the fact I do it all myself and only have myself to let down!

To all my fellow single mummies out there have an amazing day and dont reflect on what could have been, it will only bring you down!

To all my fellow mums in relationships, have a great day and I hope you get spoilt, you do deserve it!


2 thoughts on “Happy Single Mothers Day

  1. You are an amazing Mum to my two grandsons and I love you all dearly. Keep being yourself sweetheart and believing in all you do. Over the past 6 years there have been ups and downs but you are one hell of a mum 🙂

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