My OCD has got me into trouble…

I have an OCD. Its about even numbers. I cant sit in an odd numbered seat at a concert/cinema etc. I can’t have odd numbered amount of petrol in the car. Or a odd amount of biscuits. Or potatoes on a plate. It’s bad. Real bad. And it’s so bad that after vowing never to do it again I am once again cycling a painful 54 miles to raise money for British heart foundation. Why? Because I only have 3 medals and I need 4. 4 for my OCD.

I’ve not been on a bike since before I was pregnant. I’m struggling to fit exercise into a very hectic lifestyle. So forgive me if I’m a tad anxious on just how much it will hurt this year.

My dads bringing my bike to my house this weekend. It has a child seat. So its time to get cracking. I’m going to try and cycle as many places as I can when its just me and smallest.

It’s 12 weeks away.

I’m scared. Real scared.

But you know what always makes it easier. Knowing I’ve had so much sponsorship behind me. To date I’ve raised over £1000 for the BHF in the past 5 years. This year my goal is £100. Achievable right. So please. Even if its just £1. Please sponsor me and help the amazing work the BHF do.



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