Skydive for #MatildaMae

For years I have wanted to do a skydive. It’s on my bucket list of things to do before I die. As a teenager I planned to do it when I went travelling. Then I had a baby and travelling didn’t happen. So I told myself I would do it over here for charity if it was for the RIGHT charity. The other week it suddenly occurred to me. Totally spur of the moment type thing. How about doing a sky dive to raise money for FSID in memory of Matilda Mae?!? It just felt right. It just made sense. So many parents have been affected by the story of Matilda Mae, Jennie and family. Theres not a day goes by that I don’t think of them all. Its affected how many of us parent. And still it shocks me that there is no forewarning to SIDS, how it can be so sudden, so instant and with such heartbreaking results. Hopefully if we all work together we’ll be able to help fund the vital research that is needed. Research that may one day uncover the answers!

So then I thought maybe there would be other bloggers interested. And I’ve managed to convince ghostwritermummy and confessions of a SAHM to do it with me! But we will gladly welcome anyone else who would like to join us? Form an orderly queue now….

In all seriousness if you would like to join our little team, can get to Cambridge and will probably be available over the summer holidays to perform this insane antic and are interested drop me an email at and I will email you the details 🙂

For more information check out here


4 thoughts on “Skydive for #MatildaMae

  1. I had a Skydive booked for last June and then I found out I was pregnant (I had planned on doing one the year I fell pregnant with my first child too so I’m not sure I should plan another ;))

    A wonderful cause to do it for x

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