C-Sections. Not the negative they are portrayed!

This morning I saw this image on the BabyCalm Facebook Page with a comment that felt incredibly negative.

602041_565915256774428_1697564184_nIts no secret to regular readers that I’m a c-section Mum … twice over! One was an emergency, my dream natural birth out the window in place of a sun-roof with complications arrival! The second was a planned, to avoid a further EMCS as I have two uterus’ and although I could have attempted to deliver naturally I’d have been putting mine and my babies life in too much danger and when you already have one son I wasn’t prepared to run the risk of him losing me!

C-sections are made out by so many to be a negative in general. To be a failure on the mothers part. But surely if medical science has provided us with a way to deliver a baby safely in terms of the mother and the baby being safe and well then it should be deemed a positive should it not? Maybe it isn’t the all natural/hypnobirthing/no-pain relief birth that many c-section mums originally planned to have but that doesnt mean its a bad thing! There is still a positive outcome in the end … a beautiful HEALTHY baby!

It took me 4 years to come to terms with the fact I hadn’t failed and to accept that my EMCS needed to happen. It was only when I spent time with my birth reflections midwife going through all my notes and seeing that there was no other way things could have gone and discussing how we could make DS2’s c-section better that I begun to accept that actually there was no other way around it. My second section was a dream and I wouldn’t fault it for a second. It went smoothly, I had my amazing consultant deliver my son and fix up my dodgy uterus’ a bit while he was in there, I was able to hold my baby whilst I was still in theatre and then breastfed as soon as we got to recovery. It wasn’t a negative experience and I wasn’t a failure. I birthed my son in a safe and healthy way. It may not have been natural but we both survived to tell the tale and I’m still here for my oldest son.

I dreamt … and still do dream … of that natural water birth, with no pain relief, using hypnobirthing techniques and delivering my baby naturally but for me that dream is unrealistic. Its just not going to happen unless I want to put my life at risk. Which I dont.

People who judge c-section mums need to take into account the fact that often the mothers didn’t CHOOSE to have that section and are more often that not heartbroken that they didn’t get to deliver naturally and are beating themselves up over it anyway, so don’t go adding to that guilt they already feel. And mothers that did choose to had their reasons which are just as valid. If only there could be a little more respect and less negativity towards c-sections … then I’d be happy!


8 thoughts on “C-Sections. Not the negative they are portrayed!

  1. I had my twins by c-section and it took away all the stress and worry about the delivery, meaning I really enjoyed their birth. I had an epidural with my first and lots of people told me I hadn’t ‘truly’ experienced child birth! Have to say the pain I experienced at start was enough for me and I’m delighted that amazing medicine exists that allows me to have my babies safely and happily.

  2. Completely agree that those who have had csections shouldn’t be made to feel guilty! It’s a bit like the whole Breast v Bottle debate.

    I’ve done it all! Natural birth twice, c-sections twice (and bottle fed twice & breastfed twice lol).

    C-sections are not an easy option and sometimes they are the only option to ensure a safe delivery!

    As long as baby is born safely and mummy is safe, that’s all that matters right?

  3. The entire birthing experience is a highly emotional time. and evokes such debates.

    I myself have had a c-sec for a breech baby after I had planned a home birth, a failed vbac, and my 3rd yet another c-sec.

    I too dream of that water birth…

    Stopping by to offer a virtual hug 🙂

  4. I had all three children naturally. I assumed that because the 1st was drug free, fairly quick and not particularly painful, that the twins would be the same. The truth was I had a very serious undiagnosed pregnancy complication (HELLP Syndrome) and that combined with induction… was hell. I was not informed about all that was involved with induction and had a few nasty shocks along the way. I almost died having the twins. My organs were failing. I was very seriously ill in HDU for a long time. If I could have foreseen that, or if I had to choose between c-section or induction again… there would be no question. I would choose a C-Section. A C-Section would have prevented my HELLP Syndrome from advancing. A C-Section would have been a dream in comparison with the hell, and the birth trauma that followed that natural birth. At the end of the day, you have to choose what is safest for and your baby. I didn’t know at the time, what was safest, but trust me, by time I got to pushing, I was practically begging for a C-Section but it was too late. Instead I had double forceps delivery which felt like my insides being ripped out. I’m pretty sure a C-section WITHOUT the spinal block would have been less painful (not that anyone would do that)!

    My qualms about a C-Section was that the recovery period is longer – but in my case, that wasn’t so. My recovery period was very long with a natural birth. I don’t see it as a mothers failing to have a C-Section. I think it probably costs the NHS more to do C-Sections and I think it’s very sad that a lot of people (with no complications) instantly dismiss the idea of a natural birth, but I wouldn’t judge them for it.

    A well written post. xx

  5. Great post! I was lucky enough to have two reasonably straight forward natural deliveries myself, but I was born by c-section (I was breech) and it certainly hasn’t affected my health in any way. It may well have done if they had tried to deliver me naturally!

  6. I lobe this I had an emergency c-section with my first went into labour naturally was in labour 31 hours and dilated fully then within am hour of being fully dilated I started going back again and was baked to 7cm in 1.5hours so had a c-section and then 2 more c-sections with my next 2. I never felt like I failed as 31 hours is a long time to be in pain so I felt I did my best she just didn’t want to come out. If I didn’t have wonderful doctors and midwifes while in labour with my first (I was only 19) I think I would have completely different feelings about it

  7. Great post. I had all 5 of mine naturally and get told I know nothing about labour because I delivery quickly which quite frankly annoys the hell out of me. I have never had a c-section and hate it when people say “too posh to push” and all that crap. I think a c-section is much harder on the mum as not only do they need to recover from surgery, they have a new baby that depends on them whilst doing so. Strongest pain relief I managed was diamorphine, I never got to the epidural stage because I do have quick labours but if I did the thought of a needle going into my back then not having much feeling freaks me out. I do hate my legs being restricted though, I go nuts if anyone was to hold my legs down.
    We are all blessed to have our beautiful babies with us, delivered safely. It doesn’t matter how they came into the world, what matters is that they are safe and healthy.

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