Favourite Lullabies and Skydiving!


You may remember a week or so ago I posted about the fact I had made a spontaneous decision to do a skydive. Well we were doing it for FSID who have today changed their name to The Lullaby Trust and in celebration of this and to promote it the lovely Jennie is hosting a linky (click the badge above).

Now I’m not creative when it comes to words! I’m a bit of a say it how it is type person and creativity doesn’t come easily. That being said on the odd occasion I have managed to create a random lullaby off the cuff for the boys when they have needed it but usually I have turned to our old favourites! These range from Kum Ba Yah, Rock a Bye Baby, Twinkle Twinkle little star and many others which I have inherited from my own mother who I can remember singing them to me. My eldest was always more responsive to lullabys when it came to bedtime than my little man, littlest doesn’t like my singing it seems! I’ve also often used two of my favourite songs, Robbie Williams – Angels and the liverpool anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with youngest, he tends to seem more responsive to these in terms of falling asleep!

Lullabies are funny things though that you carry through the generations I think. I have memories of my mother singing them to me and no doubt she got them through her parents. You can’t really go wrong with a good lullaby, you dont need a good singing voice for them and you can interpret them how you wish. The amount of times I’ve changed songs to involve the boys names etc and they have loved it I’ve lost count.

The work the Lullaby Trust do is vital in terms of supporting families affected and also funding research into SIDS, to date they have funded £10 million! My hope is that we can raise a good few thousand for them through doing this skydive! At the moment we have 10 bloggers who have expressed an interest. If you’ve only just heard about this and are interested please give me a shout through my twitter/facebook (Links on the right) or email at admin@simplyhayley.com, we will gladly welcome more!


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