Matilda Mae Skydive Update!

Well its been all go on the skydive front this week in terms of recruiting more jumpers … yes thats how im referring to my fellow bloggers 😉 and with some of us getting around to registering and setting up fundraising pages! When you click that button which says ‘book jump’ and you part with your deposit suddenly it feels very real! I’ve been telling a few people about it this week in terms of explaining what it involves and im not going to deny I get goosebumps whenever I talk about that moment when you leave the plane!

So whos on our team now? Well we have a great little team at the moment consisting of:

Sussex Mummy

Confessions of a SAHM

Ghost Writer Mummy

Mum On The Brink

My Two Mums

The White Approach


Chubs and Love

We also have some other lovely ladies who aren’t bloggers who are jumping with us! I’m so thrilled at the little team my one little spur of the moment idea has created! Its pretty amazing really! And its not too late to join us! If you think you would like to throw yourself out of a plane on July 20th get in touch with me!!

The Money Bit!

We have to raise £400 each in order to do our jumps. So I am going to be frequently reminding you all of my sponsorship page! Which is ….

We also have a team page which shows everyones fundraising which is

Other Important Info!

If your on twitter/facebook you can add our twibbon we have created from the wonderful logo that has been created for the team. Twibbon HERE.

And we have a badge that you can use on your own site to show your support which is coming soon!


Its such an exciting time and our little facebook group of jumpers is just buzzing with ideas such as having T-shirts made up and more, on that note if anyone knows any companies that could print a bunch of T-shirts for free please get in touch, or if any companies would like to sponsor us that would be great! I am so glad I’m not doing this jump on my own and I’m going to have our wonderful little team to do it with! And all this for one special little girl! Because if us jumping out of a plane can help The Lullaby trust in supporting families and funding more research into why SIDS occurs etc then as far as I’m concerned its worth it!


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