Baby Led Weaning… other peoples reactions!

So although Baby Led Weaning is becoming more and more popular in the UK there are still a hell of alot of people who have never heard of it before. I’ve noticed that the reactions you get from other people are pretty varied. I read the Baby Led Weaning book when the baby was only a few months old to give me an idea of weather I wanted to take this approach. I very quickly did. Solids were a battle with DS1 as he suffered with bad reflux so almost anything that we gave him came straight back. It wasn’t much fun and I found it massively stressful. The more I read up on BLW the more I knew it was what I wanted to do.

We’ve been doing it a few months now and although I still get a bit fussed about the mess I’m no where near as bad about it as I thought I would be! And if we are out I avoid the messy foods that we have at home! I’ve gotten used to dragging bits of food out of crevices in high chairs and the buggy as well as picking up massive pieces within a radius of where he is sitting. We don’t eat out a great deal but when we do out stokke has been invalueable. One of the key factors of BLW is to include the child in meal times therefore you want them sitting at the table with you ideally which is why at home we have a tripp trapp. However for when we are out the stokke xplory is perfect as it has a nice seated position which is upright and suitable for feeding, it can also be moved to the appropriate height of the table so that the little guy can be sat at the table with us in places where their highchairs are less than adequate!

I’m one of the only Mums in our group of mums doing baby led weaning. Alot of them started solids at 4 months. And although the questions were there and the pressure as to why I wasn’t I held strong in my belief that this was the best wayt o do it as at 4 months the digestive tract isn’t ready. And I’m glad I did.

I spoke to a Mum this week who is doing solids the ‘traditional’ way and she said she was scared of doing BLW for fear of choking etc, i know where shes coming from because I was too initially. But I’ve learnt to have faith in the baby, he knows his capabilities and is skilled at moving food out of his mouth if he doesn’t want it. I think I would be more fearful of trying to put a spoon loaded with food in his mouth to be honest! We have never had a choking incident yet and weather we will who knows.

All I know is that he is doing perfectly weight wise. Continues to thrive off breast milk and is no where near being an overweight baby. I am much calmer about the weaning process as is he. I’m getting used to having to share my dinner as it seems although whatever is in his bowl is the same its not as good as whats on mummys plate. I’m getting used to answering the many questions people have about it, the comments, the remarks, the not always positive ones. And I’m glad I’m doing what is right for us.


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