Review: Little Pinkies Fingerprint Pendant

For a LONG time I’ve wanted to get a necklace with my boys fingerprints on it but I’d just never got around to it, mainly because I thought the process would be long and complicated in terms of getting the actual fingerprints! When the chance came up to review a Little Pinkies product I jumped at the chance! I was offered the chance to choose the product of my choice which ranged from cufflinks, charms, bracelets and keyrings to pendants which is what I knew I definitely wanted!

Once I knew what I wanted I was sent two kits for taking the fingerprints. These consisted of a sheet of paper and a special wipe to go on the childrens hands to get the finger prints. It was easy to get a fingerprint off my 6 year old who understood the meaning of ‘Dont press too hard’ however trying to do that with a 18 month old prooved incredibly difficult and after a while I tried at doing his handprint instead as the fingerprint really wasn’t working! Once I had some that I was satisfied with I popped them in an evenvelope back to Little Pinkies and within a week my beautiful necklace had arrived back!

894056_625606794133235_575592012_o copy


I think it looks fantastic and the baby handprint necklace side looks just as good as the fingerprint! And I think it kinda represents the youngest better too if that makes sense? There is also a round pendant too but I preferred the heart one!  It looks fantastic when you wear it and I alternate sides each day as to which one is at the front!

If you’ve been eyeing up these kinds of products for a while and have thought … like I did … that it was really hard to do then believe me its not! It took me no more than 10 minutes to get a good print from each of them! Its not messy, its not complicated! Go for it!

My mums been eyeing it up so I may have to buy her one for her birthday!

Disclaimer: Product received free in exchange for review.

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