Trying to resist being judgemental…

So today I read a comment. A comment about breastfeeding, always a subject I will get irked up about! A comment about a woman who found it ‘uncomfortable’ to sit near someone who was breastfeeding. Why did this irk me so much? I don’t know! I know everyone has the right to have their own feelings about breastfeeding, about anything, but ultimately she is being judgemental of this breastfeeding mother, who quite possibly found the situation she was in stressful anyway let alone if she was aware of the feelings of those sat near her.

I am yet to come across any negativity personally when feeding in public. If anything though I get more and more aware of those around me now my baby isn’t so much of a baby! He’s now a bigger baby. One that most would view as ‘needing to be weaned’, seriously why is it everyone thinks you reach 6 months and have to stop! Why is it the general public aren’t educated and made aware of the WHO guidelines of at least two years? But thats another rant! So I know as he gets bigger people are going to have more opinions on it. He’s also less subtle about it now. He will pull my top down himself if he really wants to get at his food source and will equally throw his head on and off the boob in accordance with distractions around him. I know people are going to judge. And I’m fully prepped with my quick witted come backs for anyone that dares pass comment to me.

I will never understand people who find it ‘uncomfortable’ or an array of other words, to be around a baby feeding, doing what comes naturally, having their meal just like said person sits and eats at a table. I respect everyone has a different view but I don’t see why something as natural as breastfeeding has become such a taboo and hush hush experience when in public these days. Its the most natural thing in the world that women all over the world are doing, yet when Beyonce did it it made headline news?! Surely its wrong that something so natural should make headline news! It should be an every day occurrence that isn’t even thought about!

Its funny because the course I’m currently studying looks a lot at society and how opinions are made and created. And I guess thats where my annoyance with those who have issues with breastfeeding comes from.


3 thoughts on “Trying to resist being judgemental…

  1. I was approached when feeding Freddy when he was about a year old at The Baby Show. I thought I was about to be chastised and was ready with my speech about legal rights etc, but the lady congratulated me. She said how lovely it was to see someone feed their baby beyond the newborn stage. She’d not breastfed her children beyond six weeks because of pressure to give up. I was so shocked but so pleased that she’d had such a positive reaction. I don’t understand why so many people can’t just accept it as natural, normal and not that big a deal!

  2. This is my favourite take on the issue: I once had a disagreement with a friend about which was more natural and healthy: breastfeeding a four year old, or pushing an able-bodied four year old around in a pushchair all the time because it’s more convenient. At first he argued that breastfeeding a toddler was damaging but by the end of our discussion he could see how weird it is that society would accept something that might encourage obesity and laziness and not accept something that is beneficial to the child’s health!

  3. I feel like a weirdo because I have a nearly 3 and nearly 9 year old but I am still so pro-breastfeeding! I fed both for a year and it was the best years of my life. I could talk about it all day long. I am so passionate about it and I am glad you have been posting about it. When I see a baby I always look over to see how it is being fed 🙂 So if you catch some weirdo staring just assume it is me silently congratulating you for feeding your baby the correct way 🙂

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