Shaping up with Slendertone

Summer is fast approaching and with the milder weather this week its getting harder to hide beneath baggy clothes! I’m in the process of a big ‘get fit’ kick in the run up towards London to Brighton in June, yeah that 54 mile cycle I stupdily agreed to doing, AGAIN! So we are out on the bike quite a bit and I’m running once a week with a group of Mums but theres still that little push that needs toning which is why I love my Slendertone products! Am using them most days at the moment!

Slendertone products are not a replacement for exercise and you can even use them whilst your doing the exercise, just like I did for this video…. This is the full length version of the teaser which I featured in this post: ‘I was in a fitness video!

I have to admit I can’t bare to watch the videos back myself! But do watch them, its a great little routine that Jarod has come up with and by the amount of pain I was in for days after it definitely works!


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