Setting new running goals – Juneathon

This week I’ve had a streaming cold. I’ve had a cough with it, but not a chesty one just one of those ones that sitting in the upper part of your throat. So today came around and it was running club with our mums group which means an hour in the creche for little man, which is his first experience of a creche and I think does him the world of good to have those short one hour periods away from me like that. So I didn’t want him to miss out on going. I told myself I would just walk our normal route.

Last week I managed to run a whole 3.2km without stopping. Before that I’d always done walk/run/walk/run/walk etc but I was so thrilled with myself last week when I told myself I would run the whole way even if it was slow and I did!

Today I started out walking, and then quickly decided I was feeling ok so figured I’d try a short jog, just to that tree ahead you know, and I exceeded it, then to the car … and I exceeded that, I made it to the end of the road before I needed to stop, which I knew I would at some stage.

I was really pleased that I managed to do about 60% running, 40% walking which seeing as I’d planned to walk was pretty good I thought!

I’ve decided as well, because I’m not already busy enough in June with exams, final assignments, cycling 56 miles and so on that I’m going to take part in Juneathon. Juneathon is about running every day for a month, and if not running then doing some form of exercise like cycling or walking instead. I’m going to give it a bash. What harm can it do?! I’ll be exercising anyway on 1st of June doing 5K race for life and then on 16th is the London to Brighton cycle so that definitely deals with that days exercise!

Who else is up for it??


3 thoughts on “Setting new running goals – Juneathon

  1. Oh my GAWD you make me feel exhausted just READING about it 😉

    I used to run, years ago, and kind of miss it. I feel very unsure that I could get back into it tho. I think it’s great that you’re doing so well, Juneathon sounds like a fab idea 🙂

    Keep it up! *secretly eats all the cake*

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