An Auction for Matilda Mae (#MMMA)

If your a regular reader you will know that I’m going to throw myself out of a plane at 10,000ft in memory of the beautiful Matilda Mae. (Sponsor page is HERE)

Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

For those of you that would like to support the Lullaby Trust in other ways that are less extreme you may be interested to hear that Jennie and Susanne have arranged a Auction in Matilda’s memory. There are tons of items of varying different prices and sizes to suit all the family!

ALL monies raised are going straight to the Lullaby Trust!

The link is:

There are also more details over at the Tots100.

We’ve had some awesome news recently too in regards to the Skydive and I will be posting about that soon! Just as soon as I get my head around my 3000 word EMA for my course! In the meantime go and see if theres anything that takes your fancy!

Also search on twitter for the hashtags #MMMA and #MatildaMaeMemorialAuction


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