#Juneathon 2013 : Day 2 : 20mile cycle

Two weeks today I will be cycling the epic 56 mile London to Brighton on two wheels, pedal powered.

So today I went out with a friend and did the same 20 mile route we did last week, except we went around the lake the opposite way so we didn’t have to cycle up the epic hill by the Polo club! Instead we zoomed down it 😉

Today felt easier than last week which surprised me. I decided to just walk up the biggest hill on our ride from the bottom, last week I cycled half and then felt absolutely shit for the rest of the ride so today I decided not to bother and walked it, even walking it is knackering! But I think it paid off as I managed the rest of the ride ok!

We are lucky to have windsor great park on our doorstep but I just wish I didn’t have to get up a hill to get there!!!!

I also weighed myself today and was annoyed with what came back. I’ve been exercising much more recently and being careful with what I eat and get I’ve gained. I know it could be muscle but surely when my measurement are going down that I should lose a bit! Heh!



2 thoughts on “#Juneathon 2013 : Day 2 : 20mile cycle

  1. I’m just catching up on your Juneathon posts – I’m so impressed! I should do something similar (might sign up to a race in October to spur me on). It’ll definitely be due to the muscle that your weight is going up if your measurements are going down, muscle’s a lot heavier than fat. Good job 🙂

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