#Juneathon 2013 Day 3: A gentle jog – 3km

Having done a 5K on Saturday and a 20 mile cycle yesterday I was terrified of how I would feel today. I’m usually a exercise one day … rest for 3/4/5/6 kinda girl! So this whole exercise day in day out thing is a bit different for me! Little man was with his Dad for the morning so I grabbed the opportunity tied the trainers up and off I went. I set myself a target along the river and decided I’d just run. My goal was to not stop.

And I managed it. I ran for 3.02km without stopping. I was trying to be conscious of my running style/pace, I quickly fall into a trap of ‘shuffling’ and wanted to work on my stride so I gave myself a good push a few times and set myself small goals, like reaching a lampost or a tree and told myself I had to run at a bigger stride until I reached them.

I’ve also noticed I really do need the music to help my pace, I’ve got an album called ‘running trax’ on my phone and I find I try and literally run to the beat of the songs, some are easier to run it to than others but it certainly helps keep me moving!

Tomorrow I’m going to a spa for a few hours, I’m hoping they have a pool, if they dont I will go for a short run in the evening, nothing too strenuous though seeing as I’ll be all floppy and chilled! Wednesday is the day that is hard, trying to fit in exercise is almost impossible. I think I may have to resign myself to an exercise DVD at 10pm! But as long as its some form of exercise thats all that matters right?!

Juneathon 2013 really is going to improve my fitness … I hope!

Juneathon 2013


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