The countdown is on now until #MMskydive,  the day a group of bloggers throw themselves out of a plane!

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes planning for our skydive with the team all working on different projects relating to the #MMskydive. The lovely Sarah had arranged a hotel at a discount price, thanks Premier Inn. And I was out to find a company who would assist with costs like the hotel.

I dropped an email to the lovely CEO at TwoTen and was gobsmacked when he replied quickly saying they would be more than happy to help with our hotel costs! It was a weight off the shoulders of the team because it was a cost many of us could do without, not least me, regular readers know I’m not exactly in a thriving financial situation. Having a hotel means no early start on the Saturday and a place for families to hang out if they don’t want to be waiting at the airfield etc!

So who are TwoTen? Well aside from being our guardian angels they are a company who are making the internet for children.

I’ll let them tell you more!

TwoTen is making the Internet for kids. We uniquely address the needs of younger children browsing the web, combining the highest levels of protection with guidance. With TwoTen, children can grow up safely and happily online.

The products have been developed with simplicity in mind, ensuring it is easy for parents and teachers to implement and maintain. The technology works in real-time, is device and operating system agnostic and can be deployed at a device, network or ISP level. TwoTen has been designed to be easily adapted to different languages and cultural norms with regard to both the content available as well as user interfaces.

The team will all be writing more about TwoTen over the next couple of months in the run up to the skydive so keep a look out for that!


Yes you read that right, pink hair. Last week I announced on twitter that if I reached £500 I would dye my hair pink, Rachel is also doing this if she reaches £400, which is what she needs to do the jump. I’m not much looking forward to telling my hairdresser that my lovely highlighted blonde hair is going to be going temporarily pink. I’m thinking at least long enough that I do one week at work pink!


Well I need to say a huge thank you to my wonderful family, friends and twitter followers as I’ve reached and exceeded my intial goal of £400 which is just amazing, so have Susanne and Michelle. But the tweeting, facebook sharing etc is not going to stop there. Oh no because there are 6 other team members who all need to reach their targets in order to jump out of that plane with us. And I for one want to see them there. I want to see as this #MMSkydive team unite and face our fears together, they are not getting out of this! But if they don’t get the sponsorship then they will get out of it! So I am begging you, please go and donate, no matter how small to the £400 target.

>>> #MMSKYDIVE Team Sponsorship Page <<<

Thank you!


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