#Juneathon 2013 : Day 6 : Getting competitive!

Thursdays are running club for us. It’s only a group of mums, all at different levels but it motivates me. The first week I did it I walked/ran and the second week. The third week our leader who runs with different people every week made me run it and every time I tried to stop she told me I could do it and I kept going. I ran it all. She gave me a belief in myself. A realisation that I could run!

Today we set off and I knew I wanted to be around the 20 minute mark after my 19 minute PB the other day. But I also knew it was hot and I hate the heat so I didn’t think I would beat it.

I felt quite comfortable and didn’t struggle anything much. I contemplated pushing on to 4km but decided against it. I was comfortable with my run and felt like my pace is really picking up. I gave myself short targets towards the end like ‘reach that lamppost’ and ‘reach that car’ just little things to keep me going.

For most of the run I was at the back. I kept overtaking the ‘run/walkers’ which is frustrating when your constantly running but eventually I got ahead and managed to stay ahead. And then one caught me up and I just went for it. I found a burst of energy and ran! And I got in a minute ahead of two other ladies! That I was pleased with!

My time was 22:50 and I was satisfied with that.

I’m tempted to cycle tomorrow but I get such a buzz from running!


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