#Juneathon 2013: day 7 : a quick wet ride!

Day 7 today and I had 4.5hrs to myself whilst little man was at contact and I knew I wanted to get my exercise in then. I had planned to go out on my bike that is stored at my parents as my dad has put road tyres on it and I need to try them out. But it was wet and I couldn’t find the motivation.

Instead I decided I would cycle to pick little man up. And then I opened the front door and discovered it was hammering it down. I don’t have a raincoat for the little guy so I pondered taking the car. Then I decided no I would wrap him in his brothers waterproof and that would have to do! His helmet would keep his head dry after all.

Cycling did feel significantly easier than it has in the last few weeks. I know someone said something about running helping cycling but not the other way, or maybe it was cycling helping running. I don’t know. Either way I’m going to put it down to my fitness levels improving.

Food wise I didn’t have a great day. I ended up ordering takeaway as I felt unwell and couldn’t face cooking. But we all need a little treat right?

Tonight I’m going to have an early night and I’m debating what to do for tomorrow’s exercise. I can either attempt jogging with biggest on his scooter again or just wait until my mum gets over and go out on my own which is definitely the more favourable option. I enjoy doing it with the kids but only if I have no one around to have them because when I go out with them it’s more stop/start.


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