#Juneathon 2013 : Day 8 : Power Walking

I was stuck for childcare today and so decided that the better option was to go for a powerwalk. Generally I hate powerwalking. I find it works different muscles to running and I REALLY feel it in my calves. Give me a slow stroll or a run any day, its typical of my personality in general! I’m either a stop or go person!

I’ve noticed its easier to power walk with the eldest on his scooter because when I run I tend to overtake him which he gets really annoyed at! At least with powerwalking I’m struggling to keep up with him so I’m getting the exercise and hes happy!

We ended up walking almost 3km because youngest wasn’t going to sleep so we went a bit further than we usually would!

I’ve also just spent the past 3 hours revising so did a 10 minutes tum workout from a DVD I have!
Tomorrow will be a cycle! I need to try out the road tyres my Dad put on my bike ahead of next weekends London to Brighton! EEK!



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