#Juneathon 2013 : Day 9 : A revision break run

On Tuesday I have an exam. A 3 hour exam. So I’ve spent every little moment this week revising. And today after spending 2 hours sat on a not that comfortable computer chair watching audio and visual clips from the course I needed to stretch out my painful back.

I stuck on my trainers and running gear and set off. It felt great to let the stiffness just relax. I found the first 5 minutes quite tough and felt really sluggish, probably the naughty McDonald’s I had ahead of starting on a new meal plan tomorrow. But once I got going it felt really good.

I tried a new app today to track my run. I usually use mapmyrun but instead I used Nike+, and I turned on the ‘cheer’ feature for a giggle. I also liked that I didn’t need to have a separate app open for my music. I think il be using it again!

I had planned a route that I thought was going to take me up to 4k but turns out it was 3.5k but that’s no bad thing as I know your only supposed to increase 10% at a time. I know where I will go up to next time to reach 4k.

I still can’t believe I can run 3.5k without any stopping. Insane right?!


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