Why I’m throwing myself out of a plane at 10,000ft… #MMSkydive

I can remember the Sunday vividly when the news spread across my twitter stream. I’d say that day 99% of the tweets I read were either people tweeting to Jennie their shock and upset or tweets about how they were holding their children tighter. I remember how tight my chest felt. How my heart was breaking whenever Jennie tweeted that day. It was the unimaginable. Every parents worst nightmare. Something I myself had feared and been ridiculously paranoid, especially with my first son. And now it was a reality for Jennie and the family. As that Sunday went on although I stepped away from social media a few times I couldn’t shake Jennie and the family out of my mind, and they still are in my thoughts daily, as is Matilda Mae. That evening I cried. I knew I wasn’t alone, there were many mothers across twitter affected by Jennie’s nightmare. The more Jennie tweeted the more I hugged my boys.

Matilda Mae Skydive #MMSkydive

When you put your children to bed at night you expect them to wake up smiling and happy the next morning. But for Matilda Mae that didn’t happen. Exactly 9 months after she was born she grew her wings and flew to heaven because of SIDS, something that there is no real explanation for.

And the fact that there is no real explanation was one of my key motivations in jumping. If even some of the money we raise can go

The Lullaby Trust not only fund research but also support families who have lost a child, support that those families need. But they can’t do these things without the money that people who are crazy enough to jump out of planes like us, or run, or walk, or hold a cake sale etc provide. They are a charity and they can only work when people raise money for them.towards researching why SIDS occurs then that will make me proud of myself and 8 other women facing their fears. I still can’t comprehend that in this day and age with all the technology we have and medical advances that they still cannot explain SIDS and that families are still going through the pain, hurt, agony, of losing a baby. Something no mother should EVER have to experience.

•£5 could pay for an information pack to raise awareness of our safe sleep messages among young parents.
•£14 could provide one hour of bereavement support from our trained telephone advisors.
•£110 could train A&E staff in how best to support families when a baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Jennie has shown such incredible strength in the way she has shared with the world what she is going through via her blog and the way she organised the Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae walk but through our skydive we are able to do something amazing in memory of a beautiful little girl and her family.

Every time the boys blow bubbles I think of Matilda Mae. One beautiful little girl has had a profound impact on the lives of so many. For me she has taught me to treasure every second with my boys, to hold them a little tighter when I kiss them goodnight, to enjoy every moment and to have more patience. Matilda has touched so many lives and will continue to.

There are 9 of us throwing ourselves out of a plane at 10,000ft and there is one common denominator between our reasons for jumping, a 9 month old little girl who was taken too soon. Monika, Susanne, Julie, Rachel and Michelle have all written blog posts on why they agreed to jump when I had that crazy moment and said ‘Who else would like to skydive with me?’

To do this skydive though we must raise a collective total of £3555. PLEASE visit http://www.justgiving.com/teams/MatildaMaeSkydive and sponsor someone on the team. Its SO easy and you can even use Paypal if you want to. It will take you 5 minutes.

Thank you.


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