#Juneathon 2013 : Day 19 : Back out running

Yay today I managed to push myself to get out the door. My Wednesday work hours have changed giving me the morning to myself with little man so I decided to do the school run in my running gear and as soon as we got back we went to the shed and got the running buggy out. Little man had a run around whilst I did my warm up then I strapped him in and off we went. I set my Nike+ app up to a distance and ran for 2.5k. It was hard work and my legs weren’t so keen on the idea of running. I do find running with the buggy hard work anyway let alone when it’s hot and humid! I was sweating buckets and my heart was really going for it when I first started out, almost verging on uncomfortably. But I kept going, didn’t stop and we managed the 2.5k. Little man loves whizzing along pointing out the dogs, ducks and boats. We are lucky to live where we do.
When we got back I got little man out and he carried on playing in the garden and I did some stretches. Am determined to conquer the tight calf I keep getting!


I’ve realised now that it has become a habit. I miss my runs if I don’t do them. And I still can’t believe I’m actually managing to run without stopping!! Tomorrow I’m going to aim to run 3.5k and then Friday I’m aiming for a 4k. June has gone really fast and I’ve not done another 5k since we did race for life at the start of the month!


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