#Juneathon 2013 : Day 21 : A tough one!

This morning I woke up and I was all excited. I got my running gear on, went off and did the school run, dropped little man off and came home and headed straight out. Set my nike+ to 4.25km at its own suggestion and off I went.

The first two km were ok but on the way back my legs were so heavy! I just couldn’t drag them along over the uneven path I was on at that point and ended up walking for 20 metres or so. It REALLY bugged me because my head was in the right space but my body wasn’t!! It was SO frustrating!

I’m going to write it off as an ‘off’ day. Tomorrow I can’t run as I wont have the time so will have to be a kettlebell workout in the evening, it might do me good to have a day off running, I’m thinking maybe I’m still feeling the after effects of 54 miles on a bike, who knows. Or possibly wasn’t hydrated enough!

Sunday I’m going to aim for 4.25km again. I am determined that next week by Sunday 30th I will run a 5km and beat my 1st June time!



2 thoughts on “#Juneathon 2013 : Day 21 : A tough one!

  1. I had a similar day on Friday, I planned 3 miles and made it round two before giving up. I realised it was because I hadn’t eaten that day; my body just didn’t have enough fuel. Won’t make that mistake again! Could that be what was the issue for you?

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