#KidsGrowWild Challenge!

Last year we moved into a property with a garden thats pretty damn shady. It has some trees covering it which has its positives and its negatives. Its an advantage because it means the kids can run around without getting too hot but growing things can be a real challenge. We also don’t have any decent soil in the beds so when we got sent through the lovely kit from MoneySuperMarket.com containing a little watering can, gloves, and garden tools. The kids were so excited and were immediately nagging me to get out in the garden!


It arrived on a day I had an NVQ training so the kids set off to the garden with Grandma who is far more green fingered than I am and had a field day putting compost into pots and then putting the seeds in. Even my youngest who’s 23 months was interested and had moving mud around and playing with it. My mums a forest schools teacher and the kids love being outdoors so they get to spend alot of time outside. I do find it hassle having a garden where you have to ‘go out’ to get there, but thats just life in a maisonette, at least we have a garden! They have a little house out there now and we go out and check on the plants progress! By the next day my son was nagging me, have they grown, have they grown!

However its been a couple of weeks now and they have started to sprout! LOOK!


Youngest has taken great delight in playing with the watering can and ‘watering’ the plants in his own special way and eldest is getting skilled at making sure they are ‘damp’ and suitably moist and not dry! He loves seeing the way they change and grow and I think it has a great educational value to children to learn about the outdoors. Theres no denying children play less outside than they did 40 years ago, possibly even 20 years ago!

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge in connection with Moneysupermarket.com


2 thoughts on “#KidsGrowWild Challenge!

  1. It is great seeing the seeds start to grow isn’t it? Unfortunately I don’t think I did a good enough job of weeding first, so I think there are quite a few weeds as well as flowers growing.

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