Porridge on Tuesday Ambassador!

If your a long term follower of my blog you’ll know Me and my weight have a love hate relationship. After having my second son I was over 13st, the heaviest I had ever been. I’m now down to 12st 7lb roughly. I’m a huge believer in the Thinking Slimmer program and the slimpods have really helped me cut down on meal sizes and to eat less chocolate, but my meals were still obviously causing problems. So when the chance came up to try out the Porridge on Tuesday plans I was very excited! I’m also always intrigued as to how these plans cater to vegetarians as I often find meal plans have very few vegetarian options!

The plan is really easy to set up. You answer a series of questions about what you don’t like in terms of foods and also how expensive you want the meals to be. For example I ticked that I didn’t want to see all the meat dishes, the £££ recipes and alcohol. You can also select how long you want to spend on cooking meals, ie I only like to spend about 30 minutes cooking during the week.

Now obviously I’ve been doing Juneathon so for the time being I’ve not done many of the prescribed exercise videos but there are videos which are produced on the website on each day you have selected to exercise on.

So far I’m really impressed with the meal plans, they are not what I consider a ‘diet’ as the calories are generous and your still able to eat all your favourite foods. Its also helped me get out of a rut with my meals and we’ve been trying lots of new things. Bruschetta is my new favourite lunch and we’ve had some lovely dinners such as Tofu Noodles, Vegetable Curry and New Potato Cheesy Bake. All of which have been divine! The only thing I have to curb is my snacking! And thats hard!


My goal weight is 9st 6lb but as Sandra at Thinking Slimmer reminded me if I’m exercising then my body may gain weight through muscle as it weighs more. So in clothes size I’d love to reach a 12 on the bottom and 10 on the top (My hips are huge so I’d be amazed if I ever fitted into a 10 on the bottom!)

I will keep you updated on my progress and will be posting my meal plan on Sunday night!



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