Breastfeeding at 23 months

When I was pregnant with DS2 I talked with my birth reflections midwife alot about the guilt I held surrounding DS1 and also my concerns about trying to breastfeed after a c-section again. She gave me lots of good tips on how to try and feed comfortably and reminded me that DS2’s c-section was going to be different. And she was right. It was different. We didn’t have any of the trauma and drama that we had with DS1’s c-section. It did go so much smoother and we didn’t have the dramas and we were able to feed. It was hard going in the early days with the pain and bad latch that my son had and I used to swear through every feed, curl my toes, cling on to the arm of the chair. But eventually we got through it.

Eventually we came out the other side, admittedly longer than most people had told me it would last, it was around 6-9 months before we were totally pain free. And since then we’ve gone on strengths and bounds, with just one backtrack when we went through a period of pain for a while at 15 months for no apparent reason. Eventually I reached a stage where I found we could just feed from one side. I’d always had lower supply on the left hand side which some suspected was because of surgery I had on that side when I was 6 weeks old. He wouldn’t feed from that side properly and I was experiencing excruciating thrush pain. Once I stopped feeding him off that side things started to improve and that side healed right up.

These days if I’m lying in bed with no top on he will sometimes look at the side and think about trying to feed off it, occasionally he will have a little suckle but within one suck he decides its not for him, theres still a small amount of milk on that side but nothing major, it probably tastes different to him I suspect.

Feeding at almost 2 years old is certainly different to feeding a newborn. He will pull at my top and shout ‘BOOOB’ when he wants a feed, he also wont just snuggle up and feed like a newborn does, he fidgets and tries to stand up, be on all fours, you name it he’s tried it. He has teeth and went through the biting phase and we got through it, now its maybe once in a blue moon that he will ‘nip’ but its not a bite. We don’t tend to feed in public anymore because he does get too distracted which can be a bit of a nightmare as he then gets angry and frustrated that I’ve put it away! So its just easier not to have the battle!

I don’t think our feeding relationship is going to stop anytime soon, he still asks for his feeds multiple times a day and hasn’t slowed down and I’m more than happy for him to carry on. Maybe in a years time we will be approaching 3 years of breastfeeding!

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6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding at 23 months

  1. We have made it to 9 months so far and still going strong, not really sure if I will stop or let my baby decide. Going back to work might make our decision for us.

  2. Thank you for sharing, its been really interesting reading about your breastfeeding journey over the last few days.
    I breastfed my daughter for 19 months, we’re currently 18 months with no sign of stopping with my son…. we’ll stop when we are both ready hopefully

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